Home Check Services
Exterior Check Services include:  
 Pick up mail, flyers, brochures. 
 Check exterior doors and windows. 
 Look for signs of rodent or insect damage. 
 Look for signs of water drainage.  
 Check sprinkler system. 
 Check exterior spigots and hoses.  
 Check exterior lighting. 
 Check patio/balcony/railing. 
 Check pool area. 
 Check garage or shed exterior. 
 Ensure exterior appears well-maintained and does not appear   neglected.    

Interior Check Services include: 
 Check temperature/thermostat and humidity levels.  
 Check air filter(s). 
 Treat AC drainage pipe if requested.  
 Check alarm system operation. 
 Check windows. 
 Check lighting, replace bulbs as needed. 
 Check floors, ceilings, and cabinetry for signs of water 
 damage or pests. 
 Check for signs of water damage throughout home, ceilings,   cabinetry, and floors. 
 Check for signs of insect or rodent intrusion throughout home. 
 Check plumbing for signs of leaking, mold, or water damage.  
 Flush all toilets and run faucets if possible.  
 Check for mold/unusual odors throughout home. 
 Verify no breakers are tripped. 
 Check garage interior for pests, water damage, and verify   operation of garage door and lighting.     

Homes up to 1500 sq feet:  
 Bimonthly visits -  $35.00 each visit 
 Trimonthly visits - $30.00 each visit    

Homes from 1,501 to 2,500 sq feet: 
 Bimonthly visits -  $45.00 each visit 
 Trimonthly visits - $40.00 each visit    

Homes from 2,501 to 4,000 sq feet: 
 Bimonthly visits -  $55.00 each visit 
 Trimonthly visits - $50.00 each visit  
On-Demand  Services
Services include: 
 Vehicle checks, to include routine short drives, battery checks,   tire checks. 
 Golf cart checks, to include battery charging and maintenance. 
 Delivery acceptance, whether at your home or forwarded to us   and dropped off to your home. 
 Service contractor oversight with onsite presence to include   ensuring work meets specifications, communication with the   homeowner or designated representative, and pictures upon   completion of work. 
 Local alarm response. 
 Pre-arrival cleaning or shopping.
 Cleaning service upon vacating home for season. 
 Mail pickup or forwarding. 
 Pre-storm preparation as agreed upon with homeowner. 
 Post-storm inspection with notification of any damage. 
 Other owner-specific requests.      

Pricing for the majority of concierge services will be billed at a flat rate of $27.00/hour.  There is a minimum charge of $27.00 and any time spent over one hour will be billed in 15-minute increments.  Concierge services that are wrapped into the bimonthly or trimonthly home check may increase the per visit rate instead of being charged at an hourly rate.  
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Neighborhood Check-In Services:

We will visit your loved one's home daily for a neighborly visit.  We will inquire about their health and wellbeing.  We do not provide medical assistance, but will notify you or your authorized representative of any irregularities that may need to be addressed.  If we feel there is a medical emergency, we will contact 911 or take other actions as pre-arranged with you.  While in the residence we will be alert for obvious hazardous conditions we feel may present a safety issue for your loved one and work with you or your authorized representative for resolution.      

Cost for this service is billed at a flat rate of $23.00 per visit (and may vary based on frequency and/or distance). If additional services are required to resolve any safety issues, they will be billed at a flat rate of $27.00/hour.  If your loved one's home is also covered by a bimonthly or trimonthly home check service plan, the senior safety check on that day will not be billed as the cost will be covered under the home check service plan.